Community Impact is central to the core values that The Wharton African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) espouses. AAMBAA has historically made it a point to reach into the Philadelphia community and work with both youth and adults who can benefit from Wharton’s resources as well as the brain trust that each AAMBAA class comes her with annually. Many of us are where we are today largely because of others who at some point chose to pour their love, time and resources into us during our formative years. Additionally, a significant portion of our membership can identify with the dynamics of having to overcome tough circumstances and rise above sub optimal surroundings in order to compete for opportunities that are often handed to some.

Throughout the year, AAMBAA runs a number of outreach projects within the Philadelphia community. While some are held periodically, such as our community project during the annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference, many others are ad hoc and scheduled as needed. If you are aware of an underserved group in the Philadelphia that could benefit from interaction with AAMBBAA, Please reach out to one of our community service chairs:

Zinnia Horne, WG’15
Joshua Johnson, WG’15